Avoid These Personalized Birth Announcements Mistakes

As a new parent, you are most likely excited to be sending out your personalized birth announcements. This is such a happy time in your life, and you want to share your joy with the rest of the world. Before you send those modern baby announcements out though, you may want to take a second to make sure that you didnít make any of the most common mistakes.

Common Mistakes Parents Make With Personalized Birth Announcements

Here are some of the more common mistakes that parents make when they are sending out birth announcements.

The Spelling- If you ordered your personalized birth announcements online, chances are you had to review a proof(s). While this probably saved you time and effort, you still need to make sure that everything was done correctly. You may have misspelled your childís name in your hurry to order the announcements or the birth weight could have been misinterpreted. Check over the announcements before you send them out to avoid a potentially embarrassing error and having to reprint the entire order! More importantly, check your proof carefully before approving it!

The Photo- While you may believe that the camera loves your little one, your birth announcement photo may tell a different story. Check to see if the photo came out well, isnít blurry, is in focus, and doesnít have red eye.

The List- Before sending out your unique baby announcements, take a look at your list of addresses again. You may be surprised how disappointed your most distant cousin will be if he or she does not make the cut. Try to include everyone in the celebration.

The Gifts- Many individuals believe receiving a birth announcement means they will have to send a gift. If you donít need any more diapers or bottles, consider placing a small ĎNo Gifts Pleaseí at the bottom of your birth announcement. This is perfectly acceptable and will let your friends and family know that you do not want gift.

Other Mistakes You May Have Made

While you can wait until after your baby is born to create and order your birth announcements, you may find that waiting this long is a mistake. Some parents may be able to multi-task and struggle through their sleep deprivation and weariness to address and stamp a hundred envelopes, but others simply find it too exhausting. A newborn baby is hard enough work. To avoid this problem, consider starting your announcements before your baby is born. Do everything you are able to do and just fill in the last minute baby announcement wording after the birth and order your unique and affordable birth announcements. This will help you avoid another common mistake: sending the announcements out too late.

Betsy Woodruff