Baby Announcement Wording Styles

There are several aspects that you must consider when designing your baby announcements. You will have to decide on the background color, font, ink, photo, and baby announcement wording. When you are choosing what type of wording is appropriate for modern baby announcements, you may be confused as to what is accepted and what is not. No one wants to feel that they are 'getting it wrong.' Although there aren't any hard and fast rules, here is some information to help you choose between formal and creative baby announcement wording.

Formal or Creative Baby Announcements

With a formal announcement, the wording in the announcement is generally spelled out completely. For instance, a date would appear as September 20, 2011 or 20 September 2011 instead of 9.20.2011 or 9/20/2011. The second example would most likely be used for a creative style of baby announcement wording.

Formal wording styles generally include the parents’ full names under the birth announcement photo, while creative announcements may only include the first names of both parents.

A formal announcement generally begins with the parents introducing the new infant. Creating wording may also begin this way, or another family member may be chosen to introduce the child. For instance, a creative announcement may begin by stating that an older sibling welcomes a new brother or sister into the family. With a creative wording style, a child’s nickname may be placed under his full name to allow family and friends to know that the baby will be called by a different name. In general, formal styles only include the full formal name of the infant.

Combining the Two Styles

No set rules exist to govern the style or wording of unique baby announcements. Parents may choose to use a combination of the formal and creative style to make their affordable birth announcements even more special. They may choose to abbreviate some aspects of the announcement, such as the date and time, while leaving the weight of the child spelled out.

How to Choose Which Style to Use

Choosing a specific style all depends on the preferences of the parents. You may enjoy writing out formal personalized birth announcements, or you may want to express your joy in a more creative way. The most important part of choosing the baby announcement wording style is to pick one that expresses your happiness and makes you the most comfortable.

Betsy Woodruff