Baby Boy Gifts

The impending arrival of a new girl baby or boy baby is a joyful time filled with excitement and anticipation. Baby showers are the perfect opportunity to ooh and ah over tiny blue booties and minuscule mittens. If you’ve been invited to a baby shower for a little boy, you may be wondering what baby boy gifts you could give that would be both useful and unique. Have you given any thought to the endless possibilities of stationery or thank you cards?

baby giftsUnusual baby gifts include stationery and extends to far more items than just letterhead, notepads, and envelopes. Baby boy gifts could include personalized thank you cards for mom’s convenience, a scrapbook for priceless memories, and keepsake boxes or sets for those precious milestones. Of course you will need some sort of gift wrap to package your gift and you will find a wide selection of gift bags and wrapping paper specifically designed for baby in your preferred stationery supply store.

Baby Boy Keepsake Boxes as Gifts
Keepsake boxes are usually available in heavy duty paper, but you may also find them in silver or some other type of metal. You can opt for a single box for mom to use as a catch-all for her tiny tot’s collections, or choose a set that has small boxes designated for specific things. For example, a keepsake box set will generally include a tube for the birth certificate or birth announcement, and several smaller boxes indicated for baby’s first curl, baby’s first tooth, or any number of other “firsts” one may store in a box. Baby thank you cards can also be stored in a box. Remember after the baby shower be sure to get a set of baby shower thank you cards.

Keepsake boxes come in several different shapes, sizes, and designs are are considered a great gift for your newborn baby. Some may even be able to be personalized with baby’s name or photograph. Whether you are looking for something traditional or contemporary, there is sure to be something that would make a perfect baby boy gift. It is also an unusual baby gift and not likely to be duplicated.

Baby Boy Baby Books and Scrapbooks and thank you cards
Baby books and scrapbooks are not the same thing. Baby books usually are designed with fill in the blank pages that record baby’s first year of life. They may have some blank pages for mom and dad to write notes or attach pictures, but generally speaking each page is preprinted for recording specific details. One page records the birth date, weight, etc, while another gives space for the family tree. Vaccination records and places to record milestones are also common in baby books.

Scrapbooks, on the other hand, are not usually preprinted. Some may have designs or designated areas for pictures while others have a beautiful front cover and nothing but blank pages on the inside for a completely customizable collection. Scrapbooks are good for recording the rest of a child’s life beyond infancy, so they are a gift that will be used over and over for many years. Both baby books, scrapbooks and baby thank you cards make excellent baby boy gifts and you know it is a gift that will mean more to the parents 30 years from now than any other gift that they may have received.

Author: Betsy Kline

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