Baby Thank You Card Ideas

When you are trying to come up with thank you girl baby card ideas, you may find that doing something unique and personal is a bit difficult. It doesn’t have to be though. There are several ways you can make your thank you cards special. Here are some ideas you may find interesting.

baby thank you cardsIncluding Gift in Your Thank You Cards

What better way is there to say thank you for a baby shower gift than to return the favor and send a gift back? The gifts you choose don’t have to be expensive or big, but they should reflect the personality of the individual you are sending them to or reflect the baby shower itself.

Pictures- Plan ahead and have someone with a camera at your baby shower. Have that individual take pictures of all the guests. You may even want to have the pictures be with you, so your guests always have a memento of the shower.

Poems- If you have a way with words, there is no reason to go out and buy a gift. Simply create a short but special birth announcement poem for each of your guests, thanking them for the gifts and their attendance.

Gift Certificates- A gift certificate can be a great way to show your appreciation, although it may be better for small number of guests if you are on a budget. Make sure that each certificate is from a place that your guest frequently visit and like. Most gift certificates are light and can be folded, so if you can’t spend a lot of money, you can easily include them in baby shower thank you cards without adding too much money to the postage.

Charms- Adding a cute charm to your baby shower thank you cards may be another way you can make your thank you baby cards unique. A little newborn baby charm could be the perfect gift to represent your baby shower. You can also choose other types of charms that your guests may enjoy.

Memorable Items- Have you held onto a childhood letter from your favorite cousin? Do you have an old toy that your grandma gave you on your fifth birthday? Maybe you have a picture of you and your sister swimming in the creek outside your home. Any type of memorable item makes a great gift to include in a baby thank you card or baby announcements.

Bookmarks- Bookmarks are available in many different stores and online and are unusual baby gifts. Some can be made by hand, and some that are purchased can be personalized. For those guests who love to read, this may be a great and inexpensive gift to send in your thank you children’s cards.

These are a few unique ideas on creating some interesting baby thank you cards. Find some great designs for your at newborn baby at Page Stationery.

Author: Jenna Mccree