Celebrity Birth Announcements For Boys

If you are looking for ideas and tips for birth announcements for boys that get their inspiration from celebrities, you've come to the right place. We've seen trends and styles come and go, and are familiar with the favored birth announcements chosen by Hollywood couples. If your desire is to celebrate your son’s birth with every bit the pomp and circumstance as those gracing the cover of People magazine you will need, keep reading. Use these tips to aid you in your decision making process.

Most Popular Birth Announcements Chosen by Celebrity Sweethearts

• One of a Kind – One thing that makes special order birth announcements appealing to the stars for both boy and girl birth announcements is that they are unique and not like the rest of the world. Jason Priestly and his wife created their birth announcements by using a unique blend of colors, their son’s monogram, and the pertinent baby information surrounding their gorgeous infant’s photograph. Creating your own style of card displays your personality and the amount of love you have for your child. Using a photo is a perfect way to personalize your birth announcements and make them unique.

• Simple and Elegant – Sometimes the simplest styles are the most popular in the world of celebrities. This holds true for birth announcements for girls as well as boys. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo chose a basic black and white theme with the image of their son covering the top half and the elegant writing of the actual announcement information gracing the bottom. Essentially a classic style, fit for a proper little gentleman.

• Overstated and Bold – There are still some celebrities that find it a part of their charm to be loud and bold in their lifestyle. Electric blues, hot pink and bright greens and yellows are sure to grab the recipient's attention quickly. Gwen Stefani celebrated her little one's arrival with an announcement covered in brightly colored trees with the information gracing the inside of the card itself.

• Digital Printing – Regardless of the style that you choose you will likely be drawn to the charm and uniqueness of photo birth announcements. Depending on the layout of the announcement, photo cards can be trendy or more classic in appearance. Digital printing can be used to economically and quickly print high quality photo birth announcements that will be treasured as keepsakes for years to come.

Betsy Woodruff