Creating Memorable Photo Birth Announcements

Thinking about using a stunning black and white or a vibrant, full color photo for your photo birth announcements? Not only will your photo birth announcements serve as a notice to the world of your baby boy or girl’s arrival, but it will be used as a keepsake to be cherished for years to come. Choosing the right style for your announcement can really set the tone for the introduction of your newest bundle of joy to the world. By using a photo, or several photos, you will be able to create a unique and highly personal announcement to mark the arrival of your new bundle of joy.

Personal Touches When Creating Birth Announcements for Boys

• Getting Started – It can certainly be difficult to find a way to truly express to the world all the joy you are feeling as your baby boy comes into your life. When considering your options, keep in mind that you can be traditional, with a simple name, date and time of arrival, or you can be a bit more creative. What about adding a favorite quote or a fitting scripture to the birth announcement? There is no wrong way to create your announcement. Keeping that in mind will relieve some of the stress you may be feeling when creating your announcement.

• The Photo Style – With a boy birth announcement the parents have a wonderful opportunity to play up the boyish aspect in the photos. Choosing a photo with accent pieces, such as a baseball, a toy airplane, or something else that is meaningful to the family, can really set the tone of the card. Your announcement can be as whimsical or traditional as you'd like. This is your creation.

Personal Touches for Girl Birth Announcements

• Choosing the Color – When choosing girl birth announcements, color can make a huge difference. Selecting soft shades of pink, lavender and browns can really soften the look of the announcement and give the announcement a girlish feel. Some favorite color combinations include pink and brown, mint green and pink, lavender and beige. The possibilities are endless.

• A Lifelong Memento – It is highly likely that your daughter will be interested in keeping a copy of her birth announcement as one of her treasured memories. Some individuals even frame their birth announcement side-by-side with their spouse's in later years, so keep this in mind when selecting just the right look. Birth announcements for boys are another story, since young men may not tend to hang on to keepsakes, especially not their own baby pictures or announcements. That's okay, the boys will appreciate their memories in later years, and by ordering extras you'll be able to pass your son's birth announcement on to his future wife and his children.

Betsy Woodruff