Making Your Baby Shower Thank You Cards Special

You’ve unwrapped that beautiful and soft new blanket, and you are now the proud owner of a frilly bassinet, so now it is time to sit down and begin writing your baby shower thank you cards. Your family and friends were so generous with each special item, and now it’s time for you to return the favor. You don’t want to send them another one of those generic thank you cards like you have gotten in the mail, though. You want to make your thank you girl baby cards stand out from all the rest so they will remember it and hold onto it for years to come.

baby shower thank you cardsFind a Special Way to Say Thank You

As you are trying to decide come up with thank you card ideas that will make your cards unique, consider the following options.

• Personalize it with a poem. It doesn’t have to be one you have come up with yourself, although that would make the baby shower thank you cards even more personal and unique.

• Start out your thank you card with a lullaby. Do you have a favorite lullaby? Does the person you are sending this card to? Begin your card with just a few lines of a lullaby to truly make it special.

• Include a few pictures from the shower. If you sent out thank you baby invitations and had a baby shower, this might be the perfect time to allow your guest to reflect on the fun times. Choose a couple of pictures that include both yourself and the guest you are sending the thank you infant cards to. This will help make your baby thank you cards memorable. You could also use these to make cute unusual baby gifts as well.

• Decided to wait until after the baby was born to send out your thank you baby cards? No problem. Make your cards special by inserting a picture of your newest addition. Everyone will love this first look at your little one.

• Brush up on your foreign languages. For those of us who speak English, everything sounds better in another language. Begin or end your card with a hello or goodbye in another language. You may even choose to say thank you in that language.

• Add a little color to your thank you cards. Even if you know you are having a boy or a girl, that doesn’t mean you are stuck with pink and blue cards. Choose whatever colors you like the best.

Follow the tips provided above and you'll add that extra special touch to your thank you cards, birth announcements and baby stationery. By adding something truly unique and personal like your toddlers artwork to baby shower thank you cards can really makes a difference to someone on the receiving end. Baby thank you cards are an important part of proper etiquette and correspondence and we have some great examples at Page Stationery.

Author: Betsy Kline