Baby Girl Gifts

Babies are so sweet and adorable, and their accessories are almost as loveable. If a friend or family member is expecting a little girl baby, chances are you will soon be looking for baby girl gifts and thank you cards, if you are not already. There are so many fabulously frilly and feminine baby items out there that your problem isnít likely to be finding a gift, but choosing just one or two! As difficult as it may be, try to refrain from buying the entire baby section and give other friends and family members a chance to purchase their gifts as well.

girl babyBaby Girl Clothing
When it comes to baby girl gifts, lacey little dresses, dainty hair bows, and tiny booties are the usual order for the day. What is more fun than dressing a baby girl up like the princess she is? Baby girls can never have too many clothes. Do try to stay practical, however realize they do grow fast. If you see a dress that is so beautiful you canít resist that is fine, but this will not be the new little girlís main wardrobe. Used or hand down clothing is always welcomed and don't forget to say thank you with baby thank you cards. Onesies, sleepers, and socks are all available in delicious pink, white, and purple designs and will be used far more often than the pageant dress you canít take your eyes off of. Nevertheless, dressy dresses do make for an excellent commodity when it comes time for baby pictures, church, or in the event of a wedding with baby in tow.

Baby Girl Bedding
Remember, you should consider baby shower thank you cards because you will receive lots of newborn baby gifts that will need a thank you. Some of these can be very expensive and really should be followed with a thank you. Nursery bedding can be quite expensive, especially as you get into the cuter, more irresistible designs. An expectant mother may wish with all her heart to have that 13 piece pink butterfly designer bedding set but simply cannot afford the investment. If you have the means, this would make a gift that could just bring tears of joy and gratitude. For those expectant mothers that you are friendly with, but not close enough with to warrant a quite so extravagant gift, there are always crib sheets. You really do not fully understand the importance of having a large supply of crib sheets until you have been faced with leaky diapers, a baby that loves to spit up, and Mount Laundry waiting in the back with no time to tend to it.

Baby Girl Accessories
Accessories here is used as an all inclusive term. Newborn baby girl gifts can be anything from a musical crib mobile to the deluxe pink and brown baby swing that will also rock side to side. When you think about it, shopping for a baby girl really isnít difficult, although sticking within your budget may be. Stuffed toys, teething rings, wall hangings, and diaper pails all come in designs especially tailored to the fairer gender. Almost anything goes and every gift is sure to be equally oohed and ahhh over.

If you are planning a baby shower for your baby, be sure to order your invitations early. You may consider including a list of needed items or information on registries to help guests narrow down their options. Your girl baby deserves the best so remember those baby shower thank you cards when you receive nice gifts from friends and family.

Author: Betsy Kline