Ideas for Newborn Baby Gifts

For the majority of women, whether they have children of their own or not, the opportunity to shop for girl baby items is exciting. Perhaps it’s our natural instincts that cause us to go gaga over tiny newborn baby accessories and thank you cards, or maybe this phenomenon defies rational explanation. Either way, buying newborn baby gifts always seems to be as much of a treat for the gift giver as it is for the mom-to-be receiving them. It can be very easy, however, to get lost in the hugeness that is the baby gear market these days, and choosing a perfect gift can be difficult given the sheer volume of choices available.

newborn babyTypical Newborn Baby Gifts
Most people have their go-to item in mind when they receive a baby shower invitation. Some people you just know are going to give diapers and wipes. Other people have a reputation for give baby bath items or clothing. There is a reason seasoned baby shower attendees rely on one or two items as newborn baby gifts: they are needed and will be used. As absolutely adorable as that fluffy pink stuffed puppy dog is, there is no practical use for it outside of decorating the nursery. It’s not that this is a bad choice in a baby gift, there are just those who want to be sure that their gift is something that can be used and new mothers always appreciate being well stocked in these items before the little one arrives. Purchasing cute baby shower thank you cards are a great idea.

Other examples of typical newborn baby gifts include keepsake sets, picture albums, bibs, bottle sets, diaper bags, and tiny baby toys. For those who are a bit closer to the mom-to-be and don’t mind spending a bit more, there are gifts of bouncy seats, baby swings, playpens, and even car seats, a crib, baby thank you cards or a rocking chair. Your choice in newborn baby gifts will depend a little on how close you are to mom and a lot on what kind of budget you have to work with. It is rare, however, that expecting moms are disappointed with any item that is received as a gift so don’t worry about trying to compete with others for the “best” gift.

Not so Typical Newborn Baby Gifts
There are some people that still believe in the value of saving and want to start the new arrival off right. They may purchase savings bonds or even stock in a company as a long term gift that the child can redeem upon reaching adulthood. Others are firm believers in the importance of organization and may decide to give a nursery organization package of decorative storage drawers, baskets, or even a closet organization system. Others still may want to help out once the newborn baby arrives by taking care of the details of the birth announcements. Whatever gift you decide to give, don’t forget to put the finishing touches on it with some specially designed baby gift wrapping paper or gift bags. Add a “welcome new baby” greeting card for the final touch.

We can not reiterate it enough but when you or a friend has a newborn baby any help is welcome and a big one is taking care of the thank you cards for a new mother. She will be delighted! See our cute selection at Page Stationery.

Author: Martha Moss