Masculine Stationary And The Power Of The Pen
Masculine Stationary And The Power Of The Pen

It's fair to say that masculine stationery is hard to come by, until now. Over the years, computers and other forms of modern technology have made us lazy in many different ways. Writing is one area where we've become very slack, and men are among the biggest culprits. A new line of stationary for men aims to once again make writing fashionable, accessible, and "Manly".

Before computers and typewriters the written word was all we had. Letters, contracts, and even historic documents of huge importance were all written by hand. Look at the Constitution for example! And do you think Shakespeare wrote his works on a desktop publishing program?

Writing is a forgotten art, yet personalized stationary for men is aiming to entice us into rekindling our love affair with the pen once more.

So when would a man need to write by hand, and how would men's stationery make a difference?

Letters From Afar

Do you have relatives on the other side of the world? Although an email is quick and easy to send, it never truly replaces the experience of receiving a letter in the mail. The feel of anticipation you get when you open it, and the excitement of seeing what your loved one has to say. Stationary for men gives you the chance to write to your loved ones in a traditional and touching way.

Because personalized stationary for men comes in different designs and colors you can choose something that really represents your personality. If you're a golf nut then why not send them a letter on golf themed paper? If you're more into your racing driving then put down your thoughts on beautiful letter pressed paper with a motor car design?

Your loved ones will appreciate the time and trouble you have taken to write to them in such a personal way. Why not stick a real photo or two in with your letter? This always goes down well. Especially if you have children to show off!

A Trip Away

Whilst away, instead of sending the family a plain postcard, take some of your men's personalized stationary with you, and tell them how much fun your having on the beach!

It all adds to the experience of communication. A pleasure that has been numbed and subdued by technological advances.

Love Notes

Your men's personalized stationary gives you the unique opportunity to woo your significant other with beautiful love notes. Imagine her face when she finds little letters of appreciation wherever she goes.

Regardless of whether it's a new relationship or a 30 year marriage, this sentiment is sure to make her smile! It may also get you off the hook if you are in the dog house!

You have a wide range of stationary to choose from, from lavish letter pressed designs, to more affordable but very impressive digital prints. You can even get monogrammed stationery for men!

It's time that us men lead the way, and once again become masters of the written word. With men's stationary at our disposal, the pen could once again become mightier than the...well...a word processor!