Page Stationery Terms of Use For Letterpress Printed Products

Please note: Page has two sets of Terms of Use. One for letterpress printed products and one for digital.

Wholesale inquiries should call Page Stationery for more information and request our wholesale terms and conditions.

Last Updated April 30, 2013

If you are ordering letterpress printed products continue reading below; for digitally printed products click here.

These Terms of Use For Letterpress Printed Products (“Terms”) govern the provision of any letterpress printed product or service from Page Stationery,(“Page”).

Letterpress Products Terms of Use

Please understand letterpress printing is a craft - lovingly practiced by artisans and enthusiasts. At Page, each piece of paper is hand-fed through antique presses, which allows for the unique look and character of our products. It is a meticulous, finicky, and at times, pain-staking process, but the result is a thing of beauty. Please be aware due to the nature of the letterpress process you may find inconsistencies in ink color and impression. Your printed piece may appear differently than those shown on our website or from samples received from Page Stationery. and may not entitle you to a refund or reprinting of your product or service. Please see limitations of liability and warranties sections below.

Customer Service

If you purchased Page products through a retail store, please contact that retail store for customer service. If you purchased Page products directly from us, please contact us at 866-540-7243. Our mailing address is 8770 Park Central Drive, Richmond, Virginia 23227. Our telephone number is 866-540-7243. Our fax number is 804-482-2932. Our email is sales [at] Design or proof questions should be directed to proofs[at]

Mailing List

By purchasing any products on the Page Stationery website you agree to automatically be added to the Page Stationery newsletter and mailing list and receive email solicitations and news regarding Page products and services from time to time. You may opt out of this participation at any time by unsubscribing.

On The Environment

Page Stationery believes in preserving and protecting our environment. We use photo-polymer plates that use a water washout, vegetable based inks and a wide range of paper products from environmentally conscious mills and sources from around the globe. We recycle all of our paper waste to the best of our ability. The type of papers varies by design. Please contact us for information on a particular stock.

How does Your Billing Work?

Your initial order is paid for via a secure checkout process and you are billed upfront for our services. If your order involves the additional fees associated with proofing or design fees like scanning or custom design work see additional fees section below. These charges will be processed after your initial purchase to the same card used to process the original order depending on the services rendered.


From time to time Page may offer discounts on select items. This done through the use of a coupon that is submitted with the order in the coupon box provided on the checkout screen. To receive the discount you MUST enter the discount code provided in the coupon box at the time of the order. Failure to do so negates any discount and discounts cannot be given after the fact.

Where do I get these Photo sizes for Christmas or Baby orders has all of our sizes, 2.5" x 3.5", 3.5' x 5" and 4 x 6 photos. They die cut their pictures so the corners are slightly rounded. You can opt to not have them rounded. is another. These are standard sizes except that the wallet size may differ from vendor to vendor. You should check to be sure what size your developer considers a "wallet" photo before ordering your photos. Local processors like Costco may provide many of these sizes. Please check with your processor before ordering. We are not responsible for photo prints or issues from improper sizing of photos.

Digital Asset Management. Formal purchase agreements, use or rights agreements, or archive agreements should accompany any digital file. A sample of what is requested or hard copy proof of that file should also accompany the file. The agreement should note the costs for the use of the file, the period of time the file should be saved or archived, and the ownership of the file in its original and final form.

It is the customer's responsibility to maintain a copy of the original file. The provider is not responsible for accidental damage to media supplied by the customer or for the accuracy of finished input or final output. Until digital input can be evaluated by the provider no claims or promises are made about the provider's ability to work with jobs submitted in digital format, and no liability is assumed for problems that may arise. Any additional translating, editing or programming needed to utilize customer-supplied files will be charged at prevailing rates.

Versions. All files should be clearly named or clearly dated with relation to their use. All old versions or unnecessary files should be deleted or erased from any storage or transportable media intended for use by a commercial supplier. Properly sized and marked hard copies or laser proofs of those files should accompany the project. Costs incurred by the mistaken use of improperly outdated files may be the responsibility of the provider of those files.

The setting and communicating of copyright guidelines and usage guidelines for an original image or a file are the responsibility of the customer.

The copy of the original file given by a customer to a provider remains the property of the customer. All other files created or amended by the provider are the property of the provider.

The amended file created by a provider to achieve an end result or product remains the property of the provider.

Some files created on different operating platforms may be mutually incompatible. Some files created by different versions of the same software may be unusable. Large image files may take hours to transmit through commercially available access lines.

Software. Files used by clients for production work may be created and saved in the latest accepted industry version." High end prepress computer equipment" may not be able to improve the quality of low resolution original images.

Corrupt files. A corrupted file, or a file that can't be read or laser printed by a client may not be able to be used or accessed by a supplier.

Use of photographs or illustrations is dictated by a rights agreement or negotiated ownership agreement. Subtle changes to those images using computer-generated techniques or changes in their final format may infringe on the artist's rights and contractual agreements.

An image or file downloaded from the web and used or repurposed for a commercial application, may infringe on the rights of the creator or originator of that image or file.

It is customary in the industry to charge for the time or materials used by a supplier to recreate an original file into a usable file for production or for a client's use.

It is customary in the industry to charge for special digital retouching or image manipulation to photographic or illustrative images.

It is customary in the industry to charge for uploading or copying a file to transportable or transmittable media.

Transmission of some digital files through commercial e-mail or Internet service providers may be limited. Attachments to those files may also be limited in quality to text or to small image files.

Enlargements. A "high resolution file" remains high resolution only if it is used at close to the same size in which it was created. Some graphic files, if not compressed properly for transmission, may output only as text files. Some graphic files if compressed using the latest version of a compression program may not expand or open if that latest version is not used by the recipient of that file. Some compressions may also lose data.

Designs or illustrations created electronically can only be proofed properly by using some form of high resolution output and proof devices.

Proof Process and Approval

Once your online order is submitted and paid in full, you will receive a black and white proof via email within 2 business days. The initial proof and first round of changes are free of charge. Each additional proof thereafter is $30. Please make sure you print out your proofs at 100% to ensure accuracy. Check your proof carefully and email back any edits/changes. We will make revisions and reply back to you. If approved, please reply noting approval in the subject line of the email or fax. Your estimated ship date is based on the date of approval. Ship dates are estimated and we try our best to adhere to this schedule, but they are not guaranteed.

Page will not be responsible for undetected production errors if: - proofs are not required by the customer; - the work is printed per the customer's O.K.; - requests for changes are communicated orally.

Remember, we print directly from the approved proof. Page Stationery is not responsible for ANY spelling, typographical, design or sizing errors that have been approved. Page Stationery is not responsible for proof errors that are made by one of our designers, this is the purpose of having a proofing process and why we offer one free round of proofs for customers to diligently review their order. Page will not incur the costs of reprinting and shipping orders due to these errors, nor will a refund be issued for these errors. Please keep in mind that colors appear differently on computer monitors than they do in person. The colors shown are not an exact representation of the printed inks. When you submit an order to Page Stationery and/or approve your proofs you are agreeing to this approval policy.

Color Proofing. Because of differences in equipment, paper, inks and other conditions between color proofing and production pressroom operations, a reasonable variation in color between color proofs and the completed job is to be expected. When variation of this kind occurs, it will be considered acceptable performance.

Press Proofs. Press proofs will not be furnished unless they have been required in writing in the provider's quotation.

Cancellations and Returns:

You may cancel your order and receive a full refund if we have not yet emailed you a proof. You may cancel your order and receive a partial refund if we have already emailed you a proof. In this case, your refund will be the total paid minus a proof fee of $30. You may NOT cancel any orders that have already been approved. We do not accept returns on any custom orders. These orders are final. They are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-exchangeable. We charge a $15 cancellation fee if: We do not receive a response to an emailed or faxed proof within 30 days from the day your order is received. Your order will be canceled and we will refund the cost, less any customization options, design fees, rush related and proof processing fees.

What is the turnaround time for a custom order?

Generally, it takes us about 7-10 business days from proof approval to complete a custom letterpress order. Keep in mind, turnaround time is not guaranteed. During peak season especially wedding and holiday, turnaround times are longer. A turnaround time may exceed 10 business days at any time. Page Stationery will not be liable for shipments not meeting an estimated turnaround time. Please note: turnaround time does not include shipping or proofing time. Regardless, we try our best to expedite your order.

How Custom is Custom?

We offer many ways to custom our Wedding, Baby and Stationery designs. If you have any additional instructions related to your card please describe them fully in the "additional information section" provided. However, the Holiday designs must be ordered as they appear on our site. The fonts and inks will be printed exactly as shown in the sample but with your custom text inserted. You may change the wording such as “Happy Holidays” to “Merry Christmas” etc....but it will be shown in the same font as the sample online.

Custom Inks

Custom Ink colors are available at an additional charge of $120. Please email the specified Pantone number.

Custom Artwork

We will, on a case-by case basis accept custom artwork supplied from the customer (“Supplied Art”). Any Supplied Art must be original, purchased with usage rights or copyright free. By submitting Supplied Art you represent and warrant that you own or otherwise possess all necessary rights with respect to the Supplied Art, and that the Supplied Art does not and will not infringe, misappropriate, use or disclose without authorization or otherwise violate any copyright, trade secret right or other intellectual property or property right of any third party, and that the Supplied Art is not unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable. Page reserves the right to refuse to use any Supplied Art it deems inappropriate or in violation of copyright law and will not assume any legal responsibilities for any copyright issues that may arise from the use of Supplied Art.

Creative Work. Graphics, copy, dummies and all other creative work developed or furnished by the provider are the provider's exclusive property. The provider must give written approval for all use of this work and for any derivation of ideas from it.

Preparatory Materials. Art work, copy, electronic media and all other items supplied by the provider remain the provider's exclusive property.

Supplied Art may be submitted via email as a black and white .tiff or jpeg (no pdfs) to proofs[at] The image must be scanned at 300dpi and at the size it will be used. There is a download charge of $30.

You may also mail the Supplied Art directly to us. Mail as black and white, high resolution laser output. We will not return the artwork with the completed job, so do not send one of a kind, valuable or irreplaceable artwork. Page Stationery and its directors assume no liability for such items(see below). Should you supply a hard copy, t here is a scan fee of $30 per scan for Supplied Art.

A $15 fee will be applied if you change to a new design after our design staff has already created a proof of your original design.

A $15 fee will be applied if you wish to see more than one version of your card proof at the same time.

(Please note not all artwork is guaranteed to function or look as expected in the letterpress printing process. Page reserves the right to refuse the use of any Supplied Art).

Some Supplied Art may require modification or you may want us to perform additional design work.

Our Custom Design fee $30/hour.

Pre-shipping Envelopes

Pre-shipping of unprinted envelopes will incur a $12 handling fee plus shipping cost. Pre-shipping of printed envelopes will incur a $60 handling fee plus shipping cost. We include up to 5 additional envelopes in your shipment.


Dropships are $10. Add Handling Fee + shipping charges. Page is not responsible for any miscounts in orders that have been drop-shipped. Each order is counted three time prior to shipping to ensure accuracy.


Direct orders over $99 submitted online receive FREE standard shipping. We may ship either UPS ground or priority USPS. Overnight shipping is also available.

Priority USPS/UPS Ground - Free for Direct Customers orders over $99

Overnight Service - $35 (Direct online orders only)

**Unfortunately orders placed through retail stores do not receive free shipping.

Additional Postage

Many of our cards do require additional postage because of weight and/or dimensions of the card. Square cards will require additional postage. It is your responsibility to investigate this prior to purchasing. We will be happy to give you dimensions and weight if needed, but we are not responsible for postage related problems. Please consult your local post office for additional information.

International Orders

We charge a flat rate initially of $25 for International orders. You will see this amount at checkout. When we process your order we adjust that shipping to the actual shipping cost plus a $4 handling fee. International customers are responsible for all import duties and taxes. If you need an estimate for this please contact us. Page Stationery is not responsible for duties and import taxes. International orders are shipped using USPS. Most orders take 6-10 days from date of shipment.

We cannot guarantee delivery dates. We are not responsible for lost/late shipments. Please see UPS or USPS site for information regarding holiday shipments. or Each order is counted three time prior to shipping to ensure accuracy. We include up to 5 additional envelopes in your shipment.

Damaged Goods and Shortages

Please count and carefully review your order upon receipt. Our studio must receive any claims of damaged goods, incorrect merchandise or shortages within 10 business days. Damaged goods will be replaced, refunded or a credit may be issued. The merchandise involved should be sent back to our studio immediately.

Over-Runs or Under-Runs. Over-runs or under-runs will not exceed 10 percent of the quantity ordered. The provider will bill for actual quantity delivered within this tolerance. If the customer requires a guaranteed quantity, the percentage of tolerance must be stated at the time of quotation.

Customer's Property. The provider will only maintain fire and extended coverage on property belonging to the customer while the property is in the provider's possession. The provider's liability for this property will not exceed the amount recoverable from the insurance. Additional insurance coverage may be obtained if it is requested in writing, and if the premium is paid to the provider.

Sales Tax

All sales will be taxed at state tax rates for orders shipped in Virginia. Sales tax on sales in other states will be the responsibility of the individual retailer. If you are tax exempt, please fax us a copy of your tax exemption certificate for our files.

Can I place a rush on a custom order?

Rush orders are determined based on availability for an additional 50% of costs. Please call 866-540-7243 to see if a rush job can be accepted prior to placing your order.

Rush orders ship within 5 - 7 business days of proof approval.

Rush orders require the Overnight shipping option. If this was not selected with your original purchase it will be billed prior to the order shipping.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Additional disclaimers

Printed Logo:

The Page Stationery web address, logo and/or the words letterpress printed are featured on the back of all of our letterpress printed cards with the exception of letterpress printed wedding invitations and letterpress printed personalized stationery. In these items the logo may appear debossed and ink free on the flap.


All Page designs are copyrighted and/or trademarked protected originals. No reproductions of any kind are permitted unless otherwise specified in writing by Page. Page prohibits the use of its designs in any advertising, promotion or other sales related events without its prior written consent. Page reserves the right to submit customer designs for advertising and marketing usage. No element or part of a Page design can be used without our expressed written permission. Any copyright violation will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.


Any materials supplied by you, including (without limitation) photographs, images, text (wording), graphics and other materials (collectively, "Customer Supplied Materials") are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Customer Supplied Materials will be owned by you but you grant Page and its designers non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual irrevocable right and license, with right of sublicense, to use, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works of and publicly display such Customer Supplied Materials solely in connection with the provision or production of any product or service by Page.

By abiding by these terms and conditions you are stating that you own the necessary rights for the Customer Supplied Materials and do not violate any copyright or intellectual property rights of any third party.

Any Customer Supplied Materials is not confidential and will not be kept confidential by Page.

Customer Furnished Materials. Materials furnished by customers or their suppliers are verified by delivery tickets. The provider bears no responsibility for discrepancies between delivery tickets and actual counts. Customer supplied paper must be delivered according to specifications furnished by the provider. These specifications will include correct weight, thickness, pick resistance, and other technical requirements. Artwork, scans, special dies, electronic media or other materials furnished by the customer must be usable by the provider without alteration or repair. Items not meeting this requirement will be repaired by the customer or by the provider at the provider's current rates.

Limitations of Liability:

Third-Party Web Beacons: We use third-party web beacons from Yahoo! to help analyze where visitors go and what they do while visiting our website. Yahoo! may also use anonymous information about your visits to this and other websites in order to improve its products and services and provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by Yahoo!, click here.

Page and its members, employees, consultants, affiliates, distributors, retailers, manufacturers and third party users will be held harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, causes of action, damages, losses and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees) that arise directly or indirectly out of or from your breach of these Terms, Customer Supplied Materials, Supplied Art; and/or your activities in connection with obtaining any products or services from Page.

Under no circumstances shall Page members, employees, consultants, affiliates, distributors, retailers, manufacturers and third party users be liable for any indirect or consequential or punitive punitive losses, or damages (including loss of artwork, data, profits or business or monies invested in events or services), defects, negligence or any other hypothesis in any way relating to the performance and provisioning of any of our products or services. Your sole remedy is to stop using said product or service and the only remedy for your discontentment is to obtain a refund as stated/executed and in conformity with these terms and conditions. Additionally, regarding the reliability, timeliness and /or performance of any third party companies such as FedEx, UPS and the US postal service or other parties. Such limitation of liability shall apply to prevent recovery of actual, indirect, consequential, exemplary and punitive damages. WITH RESPECT TO ERRORS OR NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF PAGE STATIONERY, THE MAXIMUM PAGE STATIONERY. WILL BE LIABLE FOR IS LIMITED TO THE TOTAL PRICE PAID FOR THE ORDER, PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

Claims for defects, damages or shortages must be made by the customer in writing no later than 10 calendar days after delivery. If no such claim is made, the provider and the customer will understand that the job has been accepted. By accepting the job, the customer acknowledges that the provider's performance has fully satisfied all terms, conditions and specifications.

The provider's liability will be limited to the quoted selling price of defective goods, without additional liability for special or consequential damages. As security for payment of any sum due under the terms of an agreement, the provider has the right to hold and place a lien on all customer property in the providers possession. This right applies even if credit has been extended, notes have been accepted, trade acceptances have been made or payment has been guaranteed. If payment is not made, the customer is liable for all collection costs incurred.

Liability. 1. Disclaimer of Express Warranties: Provider warrants that the work is as described in the purchase order. The customer understands that all sketches, copy, dummies and preparatory work shown to the customer are intended only to illustrate the general type and quality of the work. They are not intended to represent the actual work performed. 2. Disclaimer of Implied Warranties: The provider warrants only that the work will conform to the description contained in the purchase order. The provider's maximum liability, whether by negligence, contract, or otherwise, will not exceed the return of the amount invoiced for the work in dispute. Under no circumstances will the provider be liable for specific, individual, or consequential damages.

All Page Stationery products and services including any third party vendor materials such as envelopes, glue and other paper products are offered "as is" and without express or implied warranties or warranties of any kind. No statement from any employees or agents shall create any additional warranties other than those expressed in these terms and conditions.

All legal issues arising from or related to the use of Page Stationery. products and services shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Virginia. The state and federal courts of Virginia shall be the exclusive forum and venue to resolve disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions or any user's (or any third party) use of the products and services. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions shall be conducted in the courts located in the city of Richmond, Virginia. In the event Page Stationery has to resort to legal action to enforce any obligation between the customer and Page, we will be entitled to recover actual damages together with any and all attorney fees without limitation.

Indemnification. The customer agrees to protect the provider from economic loss and any other harmful consequences that could arise in connection with the work. This means that the customer will hold the provider harmless and save, indemnify and otherwise defend him/her against claims, demands, actions and proceedings on any and all grounds. This will apply regardless of responsibility for negligence. 1. Copyrights. The customer also warrants that the subject matter to be printed is not copyrighted by a third party. The customer also recognizes that because subject matter does not have to bear a copyright notice in order to be protected by copyright law, absence of such notice does not necessarily assure a right to reproduce. The customer further warrants that no copyright notice has been removed from any material used in preparing the subject matter for reproduction. To support these warranties, the customer agrees to indemnify and hold the provider harmless for all liability, damages and attorney fees that may be incurred in any legal action connected with copyright infringement involving the work produced or provided. 2. Personal or economic rights. The customer also warrants that the work does not contain anything that is libelous or scandalous, or anything that threatens anyone's right to privacy or other personal or economic rights. The customer will, at the customer's sole expense, promptly and thoroughly defend the provider in all legal actions on these grounds as long as the provider: - promptly notifies the customer of the legal action; - gives the customer reasonable time to undertake and conduct a defense

The provider reserves the right to use his or her sole discretion in refusing to print anything he or she deems illegal, libelous, scandalous, improper or infringing upon copyright law.

Storage. The provider will retain intermediate materials until the related end product has been accepted by the customer. If requested by the customer, intermediate materials will be stored for an additional period at additional charge. The provider is not liable for any loss or damage to stored material beyond what is recoverable by the Provider's fire and extended insurance coverage.

Taxes. All amounts due for taxes and assessments will be added to the customer's invoice and are the responsibility of the customer. No tax exemption will be granted unless the customer's "Exemption Certificate" (or other official proof of exemption) accompanies the purchase order. If, after the customer has paid the invoice, it is determined that more tax is due, then the customer must promptly remit the required taxes to the taxing authority, or immediately reimburse the provider for any additional taxes paid.

Telecommunications/internet. Unless otherwise agreed, the customer will pay for all transmission charges. The provider is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or extra costs resulting from faults in the transmission.

These Terms replaces all previous versions of Page terms and conditions. By purchasing any Page Stationery products constitutes knowledge of, agreement with and acceptance of these terms and conditions that are binding contractual obligations by and for you.