Personalized New Baby Gifts

Generally speaking, any personalized baby gift is good for a girl baby. Personalized newborn baby gifts are becoming more and more popular, however, and there is just something special about a gift that was made specifically for your baby. Whether you choose to add babyís name, picture, or both to the gift you intend to give, there are many items like thank you cards, that can be personalized.

birth announcementsPersonalized Diaper Bags and Clothes
Diaper bags and clothes are both excellent candidates for personalized baby gifts because they can be embroidered either with a full name or by monogramming. Any diaper bag or clothing article can be personalized, though the most commonly personalized items are bought from a boutique store and embroidered at the same store. New moms love having a unique boutique diaper bag with their little angelís name on it, so this gift is sure to be a hit.

Personalized Decorative Items for Baby
Decorative items which have been personalized are also great choices and are not unusual newborn baby gifts. These items can be practically anything from wooden letters to hang on the nursery wall to coffee mugs with babyís picture on it. Tapestry wall hangings with babyís name and the ABCís work well, as do nightstand lamps for the nursery. Diaper stackers, decorative storage baskets, you name it and it can probably be personalized. Picture frames are also a great idea for a personalized baby gift and you can even frame the birth announcements.

How to Personalize Baby Gifts and Thank You Cards
Personalization can be obtained in several ways, one being the already mentioned boutique. There are specialty online businesses that will personalize pretty much anything you wish. If you are crafty, and want to go with more unusual baby gifts, you may be able to do it yourself with the aid of a good craft supply store. There are also usually several stay at home mothers in any given area who offer their crafting skills for hire and would appreciate the work. You can check your local online classified ads for ideas on personalized baby gifts that are very creative and unique. Of course, there are always the more practical personalized baby gifts that you can give such as birth announcements and thank you cards. After all, every expectant mom that receives gifts will want to be sure and thank the giver. Your gift can take care of half of this for her and youíll even get a portion of it back a few weeks later when she thanks you for your well thought out gift.

Giving Personalized Baby Gifts
As limitless as the possibilities are, you are sure to find something that will be appreciated and a testament of your personality. Anyone can pick up a pack of diapers from the drug store, but a personalized gift like birth announcements, shows that you have put a significant amount of thought into what you chose to give, something that in and of itself will mean more than the actual material item. Donít be afraid to explore less traditional gifts for a girl baby or a boy baby and think outside of the box. It may mean that baby announcements you give will be the expectant momís favorite.

Author: Jenna Mccree