Personalized Stationery For Men The Art Of Writing
Personalized Stationery For Men And The Art Of Writing

In our modern day of the email, cell phone, and text messages, writing a letter on personalized stationery for men probably seems very old fashioned.

However, it is an art form, and one well worth bringing back to the fore. Receiving a written letter in the mail, presented on beautiful stationery for men brings with it an experience that no modern gadget can match.

Whilst Twitter and Facebook are fine for letting everyone know you have a job interview later in the day, or that you are watching the big game while eating popcorn, when it comes to really communicating with someone; sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings, an email just doesn't cut it.

But why have we stopped writing, and for a man, why is men's stationery so important?

Sending a letter is so much more personal and meaningful. It's almost the next best thing to turning up in person! Why? Because your personal pen has written the words, your own hands have touched the men's stationery you have used, and you have sealed the envelope by hand.

Part of you travels with your letter. Think about it. When a man sends the love of his life a hand written love note on personalized stationery for men, how much more touched is his lady going to be than if he had just sent her a Tweet?

So What Will You Need?

So you have decided you are going to renew your relationship with writing by hand, but what will you need to get started?

A fountain pen- If you have never used a fountain pen before you may need a little practice, but it is well worth the effort. There is something infinitely more classy, stylish, and traditional about the look of words written in fountain pen.

There's something rather synthetic about the modern ballpoint pen, and the fountain is the closet thing we have to the original quill.

Stationery for men- There is something particularly manly about the written word, especially when presented on personal masculine stationery for men. In fact if you look in the right places you can even find monogrammed stationery for men.

It can be found in almost any color or design you could wish for, giving you the chance to add an even more personal touch to your communications.

A wax and seal- Sealing a letter with a wax seal originated from the days of Kings and Queens. Although very old fashioned there is something amazingly cool about receiving a wax sealed envelope in the post, and let's face it you can't do that with email!

So there you have it, grab yourself a fountain pen, some mens stationery and a wax seal, before crafting a hand written work of art. I almost guarantee that anyone you communicate with in this way will comment on your handy work, whilst being touched in a way technology cannot equal!