Simple Steps To Help Create Your Elegant Wedding Invitations

Your wedding ceremony is so incredibly important so you want to be sure it is represented by equally elegant wedding invitations. These will really become the cornerstone of the event, and set the tone for the rest of wedding. Aside from the save the date cards, if you elect to send them, the elegant wedding invitation is the first glimpse into the look and feel and theme of your wedding. In many cases the time and money are not as heavily invested into the save the date cards so the letterpress invites really set the stage. With this in mind, it becomes increasingly important to ensure your wedding invitation is exactly how you envision it and that it is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Remember, the invitation is also a reflection of the bride and groom and are unique in this way. It must be tasteful, elegant and literally a work of art for your guest to see.

There are many choices to be made when creating such as a letterpress invitations masterpiece. You want to be sure you are going to work with a letterpress designer that has similar taste. If you donít like the custom letterpress designs that are shown, donít think they can design something for you differently, and you will end up liking it. Start with a designer you like and play off of that style to make your invitation different. If you like her fall wedding invitations designs, you will probably like what they can do for a spring invitation. If you do work with a designer or are designing the invitation yourself, you want to make sure they are familiar with the printing process you will be using. For instance, letterpress printing has some limitations that digital printing doesnít. It also looks better designed a certain way based on the paper you choose. Also know that there will be slight variations in ink colors especially on solid areas that are inked. A designer familiar with letterpress printing knows these issues and how to best design around them.

Isabel + Edward Wedding InvitationMargot + Colby Letterpress Wedding InvitationDarcy + Edward Letterpress Wedding Invitation
Neena + Dalton Letterpress Wedding InvitationOlive + Graham Letterpress Wedding InvitationQuinley + Marc Letterpress Wedding Invitation
Ingrid + Walter Letterpress Wedding InvitationCatherine + Blake Letterpress Wedding InvitationCarter + Matthew Letterpress Wedding Invitation
Stella + Ari Letterpress Wedding InvitationRebecca + Hill Letterpress Wedding InvitationKatherine + Jeremy Letterpress Wedding Invitation
Erica + Seth Letterpress Wedding InvitationMartha + Russell Letterpress Wedding InvitationRobin + Fred Letterpress Wedding Invitation
Georgia + Vincent Letterpress Wedding InvitationCarla + Harrison Letterpress Wedding InvitationLetterpress Wedding Invitation Samples

Letterpress Paper Selection

Another choice to make is the letterpress paper selection. For the most part we believe that the thicker papers are better for letterpress. They augment and capture the real beauty of the impression and tactile nature of the process. Using a tree free paper such as a 100% reclaimed cotton paper, can really make a beautiful invitation pop into a truly fabulous piece of art. Be careful though, not all cotton papers are the same. For instance Craneís lettra tends to be a dryer paper and though it may receive the impression well, it often can leave cracking around the impression. Many printers will actually wet each piece before printing to try to counter this affect. But there are other brands that are not so brittle. To some though, other paper characteristics are better suited to the look and feel of their invitation. Some of these include a deckled edge, colored envelopes, environmental factors such as recycled paper or they want something clean and simple which is often found in traditional smooth finished letterpress papers.

The Wedding Process

So remember, your wedding stationery is a vital part of your wedding process. The wedding invitations say a lot about you and your fiance. Donít skimp on this part just because it may be a bit more expensive. There are other areas of your wedding where you can be more budget conscious. These could be flowers, favors, limos and location to name a few. There are usually plenty of deals and discounts to be obtained as well. For instance, we offer free return address printing periodically and also free shipping for direct orders. Just be sure to ask if you are unsure or donít see it on the website. You really want to go over how to word your wedding invitations is correct. Don't forget while you are planning this part of your wedding to begin thinking about the last part of this process which is the wedding thank you cards and even save the date cards.

Be sure to look for a designer who has experience with the letterpress process, has designed with fine letterpress as a medium and created countless invitations and personal stationery across a wide platform of papers including pocket fold invitations and handmade papers. Their sense of style will also play a role in their design sensibilities. See if they have designed modern wedding invitations or vintage wedding invitations and do the styles appeal to you. Also, Keep your time frame in mind if your are creating destination wedding invitations. Most of all you want this to be a smooth, stress free process, so just be you and design a wedding invitation that you are happy with.

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