Special Baby Shower Thank You Cards

If your baby shower was a couple of days ago, you may be wondering if you should start thinking about sending girl baby shower thank you cards. The answer is yes. While many new parents aren’t concerned with sending real thank you cards through the mail, it is an important and needed process. Here are some reasons why it is so important to send out thank you baby cards.

baby announcementsPutting Things Together

Your baby shower did not plan itself. Chances are, a few of your good friends or a couple of family members arranged for the entire baby shower to occur. This couldn’t have been an easy undertaking, so why shouldn’t you thank them properly? Think of the many areas these loved ones took care of for the shower.

• Location • Food and drinks • Decorations • Invites • Games • Shower favors

Consider all the time and effort it took to bring all of those elements together. You may say thank you in person, but sending a thank you card is another important way to express your gratitude.


Whether you had ten or fifty individuals attend your baby shower, each one made it special and memorable for you. When you are deciding whether or not to send thank you cards, think about how each person interacted with you at the shower. Did you reunite with a old friend? Did you have fun playing games with your second cousin? Writing thank you cards will allow you to express your appreciation for the time these loved ones spent with you during this happy occasion.

Newborn Baby Gifts

One of the most important reasons for coming up with thank you card ideas is the gifts you were given at your baby shower. It doesn’t matter whether the gifts were hand-made, unusual baby gifts, expensive store bought items, or simple trinkets, a thank you card allows your guests to know you are grateful for each one.

Make each of your baby thank you cards special and personal by stating the specific gift you were given and commenting on it. You can let your guests know how creative, beautiful, helpful, or cute the gift was to you. Doing so will not only show your loved ones how much you appreciate the thought and care that went into choosing that particular gift, but may help you in the future as well. You are much more likely to be sent other gift for future occasions if you send out thank you children’s cards now.

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Author: Jenna Mccree