Thank You Childrens Cards

Here is a nightmarish thought: you come home from attending your girl baby shower and discover you can’t remember who gave you the rubber ducky, the soft green blanket, or the new pink stroller. How will you write your thank you cards when you don’t remember who attended your shower, let alone who all gave you this mountain of toys, diapers, clothes, and formula? In order to avoid this type of situation, it is important for you to take steps to organize and plan your baby shower correctly. Here are some helpful hints on how to accomplish this and get out those baby thank you cards.

Thank You CardsHow to Organize Your Shower to Make Thank You Cards Easier

You may have a million baby thank you card ideas, but if you don’t know who to send these thank you infant cards out to, you may be at a loss. To avoid this problem, there are several steps you can take to ensure that all of your guests will be properly thanked.

Provide a Guestbook- Provide a guestbook at your baby shower to not only keep track of the names of guest attending, but to also give yourself and your little one a memorable keepsake that you both will treasure for years to come. You can also use this list for the birth announcements and baby thank you cards. Using a guestbook may be especially helpful if guests can not stay for your entire shower and come and go quickly, perhaps simply to let you know how happy they are for you and to drop off a gift.

Assign Note Takers- One of the best ways to keep track of both your guests and your gifts is to assign one or two trustworthy and efficient individuals to write down the name of guests and gifts for your thank you baby cards. They can include pertinent information in a notebook, letting you know what gift was given by which individual for the thank you cards. One note taker may work well for most of the shower, but while you are unwrapping gifts, you may want to have more than one beside you so they can keep up with the number of gifts while still helping you dispose of wrapping paper and arranging unwrapped gifts so they are not in the way.

Start with Introductions- At the beginning of the shower, you may want to have all of your guests sit down in one area and introduce themselves. This will allow the note takers time to write down everyone’s name and relationship to you and any unusual baby gifts you receive. You may wish to have the guests discuss how they know you and tell a fun story from your childhood or life. With this information written down, you will have a much easier time writing personalized baby shower thank you cards.

Author: Jenna Mccree