Unusual Baby Gifts For Today

When thinking of gifts for that new bundle of joy, most people consider the usual items. Diapers, bottles, blankets, and tiny little clothes are all baby gifts that are needed and appreciated. Few people, however, consider baby shower thank you cards or baby stationery as a gift. While stationery may not be as common as other newborn baby items, it can be something that the mother-to-be will truly adore and appreciate as her once calm life turns hectic with here new girl baby.

birth announcement cardsThere are many things a new mother must do when baby arrives that doesn’t directly relate to the care of her infant. Oftentimes these tasks are put off or forgotten altogether because of the overwhelming responsibility that comes with caring for a baby. Your gift can help to make her life much easier by taking some of these burdens off her shoulders. For example, every new mother will need to send out thank you notes to all the people who gave her baby gifts; why not make your gift the actual thank you notes? If the name of the baby has been chosen, you can even have it added to the thank you notes for a truly unique, personalized baby gift.

Unique Personalized Birth Announcements

Of course it goes without saying that girl baby announcements cannot be pre-ordered in time for the baby shower since you do not yet know all the details relating to birth date, weight, length, and the like, but announcements can be a wonderful and unusual baby gift to give a new mother. She will already be spending a good deal of money on birth pictures and such, so having someone take care of the birth announcements can be a huge help both financially and for the sake of time. You may consider ordering a sample of the announcement to give at the shower as a kind of preview to the actual gift with a note promising to take care of all the details once junior gets here. After the blessed event, gather all of the pertinent information and place your order. You can ask the mother’s opinion of what she would like the announcements to look like and see if she’d like to add a photo of the new baby for the ultimate in personalization. Finally, get a copy of her mailing list and address and stamp all of the announcements so mommy can focus on the more important things in life: her baby. Your gift will likely be the most unique and personalized baby gift she receives and one she will appreciate and cherish forever.

Unique Personalized Letterhead

If newborn baby birth announcements seem a little too complicated, consider giving baby thank you cards instead. It can be used for practically any purpose relating to baby and will not require near as many specific details. You can make the letterhead more unique and personalized by having “A note from Mary and Joe” printed at the top, or whichever name has been chosen for the baby. Add some matching envelopes to the ensemble and mommy will have all she needs to write notes if she should find a little spare time.

Giving personalized birth announcement cards or baby gifts makes for an unusual baby gift and is great idea if you want to leave a lasting impression.

Author: Martha Moss