Unusual Baby Gifts

If youíre wondering what to give at that next baby shower that is a bit different from the usual collection of typical girl baby gifts, there are many options out there. Unusual baby gifts donít have to be totally off the wall unless you just want them to be. Something as simple as thank you cards works fine as a gift. The main thing to keep in mind when choosing something off the beaten path is to make sure it is still useful in some way to mom and baby. Sure, a gold plated barbeque set would be an incredibly unusual gift to give baby, but unless your gift is intended to be for dad, it doesnít make much sense.

unusual baby giftsUnusual Baby Gifts for Mom

Traditionally, baby gifts are purchased with the intention of baby actually being the one to benefit directly from them. They include items such as diapers, baby bath sets, clothes, bottles, baby thank you cards and the like. Recently, however, people have begun to see the importance of momís well being too, though gifts that are given in this mind frame are still pretty rare. A new mom really doesnít have time or money to spend on pampering herself, though this point in her life is when she will need it most. A gift certificate for a mani/pedi at her favorite nail salon would be a quite unusual baby gift and one that she would surely appreciate a few weeks after her newborn baby arrives, birth announcements are out and she feels her sanity slipping away.

Gifts that give mom a little time to herself such as this go over very well. It may be gift certificates such as this or to a beauty salon, or a ďcoupon bookĒ of free babysitting sessions offered by you so that mom and dad can get away together for a little while. Donít worry that this wonít benefit baby because it will. When mom has the chance to de-stress she will be less likely to become frustrated with the new responsibilities like sending those important baby thank you cards and baby will benefit from a more relaxed mommy.

Unusual Baby Gifts for Practicality

There is no denying that the addition of a little one creates quite a transition period in the lives of new parents and it can be overwhelming at times. Your girl baby gift could be geared toward helping to ease this transition. Unusual baby gifts that are also practical could include a membership to a maid service for several months, volunteering to handle the familyís laundry for a while, or even a fully stocked freezer and pantry so food preparation is less hectic. Your gift doesnít have to be something that can be neatly wrapped in a box in order for it to be both useful and appreciated. Sometimes it is the gift of our time that means more than any other gift received; a gift that, in these times more than ever, is becoming more and more unusual. If you are planning a baby shower for someone, donít forget to send out invitations a little early to give everyone the chance to come up with their own unusual baby gift and then also to offer with the birth announcements.

With a little more thought you can give unusual baby gifts that will really help your new mom have less to worry about. Another thing to consider is to go ahead and also help her with the thank you cards if she is open to that.

Author: Jenna Mccree