What Should Your Baby Birth Announcements Say?

Your baby birth announcements will be something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. One of these birth announcements will mark the arrival of your little girl or boy and is a special way of spreading your love for your child to the rest of your family and friends. Choosing the correct words to describe how you feel about the new addition to your family can be difficult though. There are basic examples, though, that may make it easier for you to decide on the words you will use.

The Essentials of Baby Birth Announcements

Opening- The portion that is often difficult for parents to decide on is the opening paragraph. In the opening section, parents can choose which words they wish to use to welcome their little newborn into the family. The opening may be a short simple sentence, a cute and fun line, or a stanza from a favorite poem or song.

Name and Gender- While the information on each birth announcement will vary from parent to parent, the majority of these baby announcements include the babyís name and gender. These are the first pieces of information that your friends and family will want to know as well. Some parents start out newborn baby announcements with an immediate declaration of the gender by saying ďItís a boy!Ē or ďItís a girl!Ē The first and middle name are generally included on the announcement, and sometimes the last name also appears.

Date and Time- Another important aspect of a birth announcement is the birth date and time. This addition will allow friends and family to always remember what day your little one was born. The design of the announcement and your preferences will most likely determine whether the date is spelled out or written in numerical fashion.

Closing- To bring the birth announcements to an end, the mother and fatherís name is usually listed. At times, the names of the newbornís sibling are also listed under the parentís name. If the mother and father have different last names, both are used on the announcement.

Other Information To Include in Your Baby Birth Announcements

Weight and Length- Also included on many birth announcements are the weight and length of the newborn. The weight usually appears in pounds and ounces, but this may be omitted if the baby was born at a low or heavy birth weight or if the parents simply do not wish to include it. The length of the baby is generally rounded off to the nearest inch, and may also be left off of the announcement if it is the parentís wish.

Location- Some parents choose to include the name of the hospital, city, and state on the birth announcements.

Picture- They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to your new baby, it is probably true. Many birth card announcements have pictures of the newborns, allowing even family and friends that live far away to have an up, close, and personal view of the beautiful addition.

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Betsy Woodruff